Firenze, ti amo! Ein Tag in Florenz

Auf all meinen Reisen, sind mir nur wenige Städte untergekommen, in denen zu Leben ich mir vorstellen kann. Neben Kopenhagen ist Florenz eine von ihnen…


Mumbai Reisebericht Teil 2 – Elephant Caves, Taj Mahal Hotel und Bollywood Film Studio Tour

Everything, or everybody, was on the move in every direction… There was no place to stop, no place to dawdle, you either moved on or got mowed down. – Kalpish Ratna


Mumbai, Indien – Reisebericht Teil 1

Fahrrad, Mumbai, Indien

“Bombay, you will be told, is the only city India has, in the sense that the word city is understood in the West. Other Indian metropolises like Calcutta, Madras and Delhi are like oversized villages. (…) when you approach it by the sea it looks like a miniature New York. It has other things to justify its city status: it is congested, it has traffic jams at all hours of the day, it is highly polluted and many parts of it stink.”
― Khushwant Singh